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Lightning Warning System

lonise_M1 Lightning Warning System is a non-directional local warning Instrument which has been designed to provide protection for personnel and equipment involved In activities as diverse as mining, quarrying, construction, seismic surveying, aviation Telecommunication, oil/gas exploration/production or Loading and more enjoyable pastimes such As golf, other sporting activities and general outdoor recreational pursuits.

lonise-M1 is microprocessor controlled which provides graphic display and touch screen control concise easily understood alarms, it provides an alarm situation when The internal analyses of prevailing condition indicate the approach of lightning.

The system antenna senses alterations in the electric field strength and also detects both near and far lightning discharges. An alarm is triggered when either the static field changes or when a near by lightning discharge is detected. Two levels of alarm status are provided by the system.

Warning Alert Status is given when the system detects the presence of lightning within a 10-15 kilometer radius or that the electric field strength approaches 4kV/m. The warning  Alert is the first indication that a storm may be approaching and could arrive in the area being monitored in 20-30

Alert Alarm Status is given when the system detects lightning discharges within 8-10 kilometers radius or that the electric field strength has risen to 7kV/m. The Alert Alarm indicates that the storm front is approaching the monitored area and is likely to arrive in 10-15 minutes. In the event of a storm cell forming directly overhead the system will detect this and trigger the Alert Alarm. When the Alert Alarm status is announced it will activate an external alarm. (Siren) to warn of impending danger


    • Senses the development of a thunderstorm
    • Graphic display panel with touch screen control
    • Warning of distant thunderstorm
    • Warning of nearby thunderstorm
    • All clear signal when conditions have cleared


    Control Console:

    Materials Aluminum and ABS
    Dimensions 300 mm(L) x 260(W) x 120 mm(H)

    4.5 kegs

    Control Mode Microprocessor Controlled with touch screen control And history event recode
    AC Power Supply

    AC mains supply range 220 V/50 Hz

    Battery backup            4 Hours

    Sensing Antenna:

    Materials Powder Coated, Extruded Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    Sensing Modes   Lightning Discharge Detector
    Far Strike > approx 10km
    Near Strike < approx 10km

    Electrical Field + / - 10 KV/m

    Made In Spain

    lonise_M1 Lightning Warning System Diagram

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