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  • Non-radioactive air termination with enhanced protective radius
  • Designed and tested to UNE-21186 and NF C17-102
  • Stainless steel design suitable for most environment
  • Active design which employs energy from surrounding E- field to active launch and up- leader at the critical time
  • Proven track history with over 12,000 installation world wide
  • Design refined and perfect through extensive high voltage and field testing over 25 years.

The nature phenomenon of lighting, which strikes the carth an estimated 6000 times per minute , is an ever present and unpredictable force. The unique efficiency of the lighting conductor is based on a specific initiation advance ; well before the natural formation of an upward leader, the generates a leader that rapidly propagates to capture the lightning and direct it to earth. Validted in the laboratory, this gain in time relative to the simple rod provides additional essential protection


During a strom the ambient electric field may rise to between 10 to 20 kV/m As soon as the field exceeds a threshold representing the minimum risk of a lightning strike the lihgtning terminal is activated. It draw its energy from the ambient electric field the energy required to generated high voltage pluses, creating and propagating an upward leader. No other power sources are required , no radioactive components are used.

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